Workshops & Tutorials

Participants in the Business Venture Tournament may not have an opportunity to enroll in recommended formal SOU courses before competing. The resources on this page provide alternative ways to gain the skills needed to compete successfully. The workshops and tutorials are free but do not earn academic credits. However, students will receive a Certificate of Completion after passing the final evaluation in each workshop or tutorial.

Workshop or TutorialFeeDelivery Method
Business Venture Tournament Workshop
Mandatory for all competing participants

All competing participants must join the workshop and complete Tournament tasks to remain eligible. The workshop provides weekly sessions on Moodle to help students understand deliverables and receive feedback and guidance. Topics covered include:
  • Tournament Orientation
  • Idea Proof of Concept
  • Business Venture Plan Development
  • 1-minute Pitch Creation and Development
  • 10-minute Formal Presentation Creation and Development
  • Entrepreneurship Topics
  • Business and Environmental Sustainability
  • Venture Community and Social Value
FREEHybrid Delivery:
In-person &

Winter &
Spring Terms

Ends after Final Competition

Meets once per week. Most sessions are 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
Market and Industry Research
The Hannon Library contains an extensive catalog of databases, journals, and periodicals for conducting market research for a given Venture topic. This tutorial explains how to use these resources.


Winter Term
Business and Environmental Sustainability
This tutorial introduces the concept of business sustainability and how thoughtful planning can preserve natural resources and create profitability.

Winter Term

Listen to the experiences of successful entrepreneurs. Learn about the challenges and mindset needed for success.
FREEIn-person or Virtual


Winter Term
Students can learn new business skills to make any Venture successful.
Students can learn new business skills to make any venture successful.

Various institutions and organizations provide the following resources. Tournament participants may select relevant topics to gain or enhance skills. Not all of these resources offer completion certificates.

Free Courses and Online Resources
Harvard Business School Online
Worthwhile selections relevant to the Tournament:
Shark Tank – ABC
Free business startup resources:
FREE courses. Most courses include a free Statement of Participation to verify student activity.
LinkedIn Learning
Excellent FREE collection of courses:
Extensive course offerings. Most require a fee for graded exams.
Google Digital Garage
FREE, easy to take business-related courses:
Google Skillshop
FREE Certifications in Ads and Analytics: