Ashland Street Cinema Business Concept Proposal

The Business Venture Tournament has one more category ~ Proposals to transform the Ashland Street Cinema Building!

Ashland needs a place for young people to socialize and find a purpose while also providing an opportunity for new business ideas that can benefit our community.

The top three winning proposals will receive $100 and be shared by the submitting student for consideration with the City of Ashland Planning Commission on June 25, 2024 from 7:00-9:00.

Submit your proposal for this category HERE today!

Attention students! Submit your innovative ideas for consideration by our judges, and you could be a part of transforming the former Ashland Street Cinema building into a unique space that caters to the needs of young people. Explore this slidedeck for property information and pictures to spark your imagination!

Our vision is to provide a place for socializing, finding purpose, and exploring new business ideas with low risk.

The building is located in the new University district, with a total indoor space of 17,000 sq ft, including 16,000 sq ft of theaters with 4-6 enclosed rooms and soundproof walls. We can even out the floors without needing to remove the walls. There are also 1,000 sq ft of additional offices and two entrances, a front and back. Click here to view details of the space through the property management’s listing.

We have some exciting ideas in mind, including a youth center for middle school through college students, start-up business spaces with short-term leases, a maker-space for creative purposes, and collaborations with local non-profits. If your idea is selected, you will have the chance to work with us to develop it further, with slight adjustments based on permitting or funding. Imagine having your name as the mastermind behind it all!

This is your chance to make a difference in the community. Submit your concept idea now and be a part of the change we all want to see!

Plans for this category should contain the following:

1) Identify one specific business idea

2) Identify the perceived need for the business

3) Identify the target market (demographics). Here demographic data can be presented.

4) Do an initial SWOT analysis

5) Recommend specific “next steps” to explore the business idea more in-depth

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