A Quest For Supportive Data

New ventures must establish demand for the new product or service proposal. Industry, market, and product/service research provide data to support financial projections and target market potential. The participants should clearly demonstrate personal enthusiasm for the new venture with plans that account for scale and social improvement. That means building a foundation that will allow and support growth, as well as Illustrating community value shows how the venture will contribute to social improvement.

All student participants must complete three projects to determine the best new venture. The mandatory Tournament workshop helps participants understand each project requirements. Guidance and personal coaching provides support with each step. The weekly workshop topics build each project incrementally providing time for revisions before deadlines.

Required Tournament Projects

  • Formal business venture plan
  • Two to Five minute formal presentation
  • 1-minute or less recorded video “pitch”
    • Students market the pitch to get student votes.

Formal Business Venture Plan

The formal business venture plan demonstrates that the new venture has a market and demand for the product or service. Research provides data that supports the marketability claims and helps with financial forecasting. The plan is critical to winning the tournament and showing the judges the quality of planning. Judging will consider accuracy, business scalability, and how the venture will contribute to social improvement within the community.

10%Executive Summary
10%Venture Description
  • The Idea
  • Mission Statement
  • Legal Structure
  • Principles / Employees
  • Economic Sustainability
15%Product or Service
  • Description
  • Social and Community Value
  • Social and Environmental Sustainability
  • Product or Service Market
  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
20%Marketing Plan Overview
  • Marketing Channels
  • Internet Presence
25%Finance and Accounting
  • Startup Costs
    • Facility
    • Equipment
    • Utilities
    • Licenses and/or Professional Certifications
    • Supplies
    • Staff
  • Revenue: 3-year forecasts
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Yearly
  • Ongoing Operational Costs: 3-year forecasts
    • Facility
    • Equipment
    • Utilities
    • Licenses and/or Professional Certifications
    • Supplies
    • Staff

Formal Presentation

The formal presentation must be completed in five minutes or less. The idea is to pitch the idea succinctly and engage the judges attention. Participants may deliver the presentation in-person at the final competition on June 6, 2024, or record the presentation to show during the gala.

1-minute Venture Idea “Pitch”

Participants record a 1-minute or less video “Pitch” to promote their idea. Participants use social media to convince other SOU students to watch their pitch and vote for it. Student votes are driven by the participant’s method of obtaining them. They may use any promotional vehicle that abides by the Student Code of Conduct, remains decent, and is approved by the Tournament Master.