Time for a Reboot

Get Excited. Have Fun!

Starting up a new academic year is not always easy. Each year study time seems to increase, more time for getting to know instructors and peers, and time to find Mom’s bag of goodies! One can easily forget the reason for attending school during long study nights and much too early mornings. Deep inside, however, that burning passion remains to make a difference and change the world for the better.

Students attend school to gain the education needed to fulfill career goals and sometimes get lost in the day-to-day happenings on campus. Passion and strong beliefs can form the backbone for developing a meaningful career. Now is the time for a “Reboot” and to do something with that passion.

Sometimes a reboot is necessary to recharge and start fresh

A New Way To Get Involved

Win prize money

This year Southern Oregon University has an exciting and fun new program to ignite those flames again. It requires that Seniors make a few adjustments to capstones or projects and submit them to a Tournament. Judges will evaluate the submissions and a winner at the end of the year goes home with up to $3,000 in their pocket to support future goals! Not bad for something one has to do to graduate. On the way to that prize, students will gain real-life experience by doing industry research, developing a business venture plan, and marketing their idea to the student population. All of that will be required to start a new venture, and the Tournament provides a way to practice and have fun.

Marketing ideas should prove fun and interesting! Participants will record a 1-minute or less video “pitch” about their idea. The Workshop displays the video and students market it using social media to solicit student votes.

Real Tools for the Real World

The Business Venture Tournament Workshop supports all SOU students who want to participate in the competition. The resources are simple but effective and will provide the skills necessary to run a venture – no matter what that venture may be. Please explore the site a bit (it won’t take long) and see what is available. Hopefully, the value presented is clear but contact the Tournament Master for other valuable resources.

Good luck with your “quest”! The Tournament Master is here for support and help. Feel free to reach out whenever needed or to say “Hello” 🙂